Friday, May 27, 2011 - email joke of the week - You MUST Stock Up on Food and Supplies NOW! Here's why...

You MUST Stock Up on Food and Supplies NOW! Here's why...

Pure Silver Coin -Yours Free!

Gas and food prices skyrocketing... Decimated home values, withering 401(k)s... Massive unemployment, the devaluing dollar... Unraveling social safety net, confiscatory taxes...

Who are YOU relying on to secure your future – your financial advisor? An employer? A family member? The government? The fact is there's really no one left you can or should rely on... except yourself.

With traditional methods of protecting your wealth, your privacy, and your future all evaporating very quickly, becoming more self-reliant on all fronts – health, finances, and freedom – has never been more critical.

My new mega-manual teaches you how to embrace smart, savvy, self-reliance – to "reboot" your own personal American dream. Let me send you this giant manual NOW – while these key strategies are still legal!

Dear Fellow Savvy Individualist:

"We've never been in this unstable position in the entire currency history of 3,000 years."

This dire warning appeared in The Wall Street Journal in October. And the implications for our future are truly frightening.

Total monetary and financial collapse of the massive government debt bubble is upon us, with devastating real-world consequences for your savings, property values, investments, and other assets.

The Journal's source? Noted economist Robert Mundell of Columbia University, regarded by many as the world's top currency expert.

And he's not alone. Major players across the political spectrum are finally acknowledging the extraordinary crisis facing us. Even as establishmentarian a figure as World Bank President Robert Zoellick has recently admitted that fiat currencies may need to be tied back to gold!

I've been warning of the potential collapse of the U.S. dollar for over five years – well before Obamanomics pushed us to the brink. Now Dr. Mundell's words confirm my worst fears – you and I must find ways to protect ourselves, as our nation teeters on the edge of a disastrous financial meltdown.

My name is Lee Bellinger, founder and publisher of Independent Living, a private advisory letter for individuals who seek to become more self-reliant in these challenging and unprecedented times.

The upshot is I have budgeted to send you, with my compliments, a copy of my hot-off-the-presses, 224-page, blockbuster manual,

Independent Living's Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Practical Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy

For more than three years, I have been fervently preparing this "master blueprint" for savvy, ahead-of-the-curve individualists – a mega-manual to help you survive and thrive no matter what happens in the national and global economies.

Unlike the talking heads who merely babble on about our economic woes, I've been actually doing something so that I, my friends, family, and closest associates can weather this crisis – and even come out way ahead.

In this important briefing, I'll give you some of the highlights of this mega-manual, and tell you how to secure your own personal copy of this critical information for discreet, discerning Americans who don't like being caught in the herd.

In addition to all this, I'm going to help you get up to speed fast... in three other critical areas.

First, I want you to have my detailed and valuable manual on how to stock up on food, water, and yes, fuel – a real lifesaver in case of critical shortages of these essential supplies.

Second, I want you to have my guide to cutting-edge strategies for reclaiming your privacy from snoops, corporations, and government busybodies.

And as a third bonus, I'm going to send you an actual silver coin – one-half ounce of gleaming brilliance that permanently stores value and you can hold in your hand. It's a great way to start (or add to) your holdings in precious metals.

More on these gifts later in this email. For now, suffice it to say that they are unique, extraordinary and valuable, and I'm confident you're going to like them.

This is a CODE-RED alert!

With a global fiscal crisis of unprecedented magnitude now heating up – threatening the value of your assets, your access to markets, the ability of your business or your employer to function – even the necessities of life needed for basic survival – there isn't a moment to spare. Please read this briefing carefully because I doubt there will be an opportunity to send you another one before the you-know-what hits the fan.

More than five years ago, I founded Independent Living newsletter to warn people that...

the U.S. banking system was a house of cards set to collapse (which came true);

the dollar was destined to enter a major wealth-destroying phase (coming true in spades);

we face a global debt crisis of unimaginable depth (as now clearly confirmed by Professor Mundell).

Now that reality has caught up to my predictions, few are pooh-poohing my dire warnings to get ready any more. Moreover, I have a more than a 5-year jump on the crowd in helping you respond to and prepare for these rapidly unfolding events with very tangible, practical strategies you can implement quickly and easily.

For example, gold has nearly tripled in value since I began urging my Independent Living readers to protect themselves by steering out of dollar-denominated assets. (While my favorite precious metal – silver – is up more than four fold!) And now that the dangers are beginning to become visible to the masses, you have only a short time to act on and benefit from my comprehensive plan to come out ahead.

Trust me, my friend. You need a plan to function and prosper in the dire new realities facing America. From learning how to barter in the non-regulated underground economy... to fortifying your personal, health, and financial arrangements... to not attracting the attention of cash-hungry bureaucrats and desperate government dependents, you need a comprehensive and smart pathway to greater self-reliance.

Way down deep, situationally-aware Americans like you and me have known this "perfect storm" had to come, didn't we?

Decades of unsustainable, debt-driven "prosperity" are now crashing down around our heads and Uncle Sam has no way to continue paying all the people all that they have been promised over the years.

And when this harsh truth dawns on millions of hopelessly dependent people who trust government to look after them that politicians have run out of options to fund their retirements and pay for their healthcare, all hell is going to break loose in this country, big-time.

But you still have a choice. You can profit from this situation, or be a victim of it. Throughout history no matter how bad it gets in a country, a handful of far-sighted, action-oriented people always seem to emerge unscathed, unbowed, and yes, even prosperous. My readers and I strive to be such individuals.

You Need My Plan to Survive and Thrive

This email is to invite you to join us in surviving and prospering, no matter what... and to get you up to speed fast with an incredible opportunity to acquire our new action guide for self-sufficient individuals,

It's this simple: Cancerous central government is quite literally consuming the private sector as it mushrooms in power and size – far beyond the will of either political party to control it. Kicking radical leftists out of Congress can no longer save the economy. The damage is done, and you and I are on our own... ready or not.

You see, millions who have known nothing but easy success and upward mobility now face retirement under the harsh task-master of grinding unemployment. This means fewer taxpaying worker bees to prop up Social Security and the various public and private pension plans that these retirees are relying on.

It's a double whammy for those who have jobs, who are forced to "contribute" to the unemployment fund for their jobless contemporaries, while also forking over large chunks of every paycheck to support retirees. The squeeze on the paychecks of these productive Americans is only going to get worse.

Furthermore, unlike the hardy, self-reliant Depression-era generation of the 1930s, today's jobless workers and retirees are completely unschooled for surviving the really tough times, making them all the more dependent on social programs for their support.

Learning to Prosper in a Shattered Economy Is a Must-Acquire Skill-Set

You've likely heard the phrase, "he is a survivor." Hang onto that thought for a moment – it has become important. Especially as state and federal public support programs are nearly bankrupt and tax revenues everywhere are crashing.

Millions of clueless souls raised to expect guaranteed Social Security and red-carpet Medicare from grinning politicians are in for a rude awakening – they still don't realize that Uncle Sugar can't deliver. Ominously, most know nothing but living beyond their means. And unlike any other generation, they are infected with an "entitlement mentality" – with absolutely no self-reliance skills.

That's exactly why I am writing you today...

I am going to show you everything you need to know about holding onto what's rightfully yours – the assets you've acquired and nurtured... the dreams you've built... the legitimate hopes you hold for a secure future.

The "Must-Read" Item of 2011 –Independent Living's Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy

Long before it dawned on most people that Uncle Sam is destitute and the once-robust U.S. job-creating engine has been hollowed out, I began work on the most exhaustive personal protection plan I've ever created for my cherished readers –Independent Living's Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy.

You needn't be afraid of or crushed by events. It's all about understanding what is going on around you, then taking prudent, measured steps to adapt. Adaptation is the key to survival for all life forms – including you and me!

The alternative is nothing less than becoming a serf in our bankrupt central government's desperate grabby assaults against your privacy, liberty, property, and self-autonomy.

A Dangerous Time to Be Dependent on Anyone Other Than Yourself

Let me pause for a moment to stress that your time will be very well spent with this extremely useful briefing you now hold in your hands. I've prepared it exclusively for my associates, friends, family, loyal subscribers, and a select group including yourself whom I'm inviting to join us.

Independent Living's raison d'ĂȘtre –Lighting Your Way to Total Personal and Financial Sovereignty

It's no accident that Independent Living is so named. From humble beginnings, Independent Living has become America's fastest growing independent financial and personal liberty publisher by delivering real-world solutions that motivated individuals can use to protect themselves from large and complex problems. It's our reason for being – or as the French say it, our raison d'ĂȘtre.

Helping you achieve Total Personal Sovereignty is where my unparalleled Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual shines its brightest.

Total Personal Financial Sovereignty vs. Relying on "The System"– It's a Choice You Make, and the Stakes Are Very High

No one is a bigger believer than I am in the American system and way of life. Entrepreneurship, the rewards of hard work and initiative, living the American dream – it's the stuff that makes me tick. Discovering opportunities for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness – and sharing those findings with my precious readers – is my personal ambition and life's work.

What I don't trust is the American government, which has foolishly spent us into near oblivion, over-regulated our irreplaceable job-creating engine, and fed us a load of "bull chips" about the state of our economy.

This leaves you, me, and every one of our friends and loved ones with a critical choice to make – will we cast our lot with the millions now dependent on government to look out for them, or will we chart our own course to freedom and prosperity by seeking Total Personal Sovereignty?

I want you to have this wisdom, because it's going to help you make smart moves with your money (among other things), and because it will help you sleep like a baby at night.

Listen, what your retirement assets ultimately get for you are not things, but peace of mind and quality of life. That's my goal in serving you... to help you secure the quality of life that you and I as freedom-loving Americans ought to be able to enjoy, free from excessive government intrusion and protected from government-induced financial turmoil.

Markets will always move up and down, but it's the recklessness and heavy-handed interference of government that places you and me at the greatest risk. My mega-manual is designed to help you shield yourself from these risks to the greatest extent humanly possible.

Why You Need to Learn about Functioning in Today's Growing Underground Economy

In my Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Practical Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy, I spell out in step-by-step detail...

perhaps the most essential survival skill of all – how to not only lock in but actually increase the buying-power of your retirement assets,

how to discreetly secure your future access to top-notch, U.S.-standard medicine (far beyond what Obamacare bureaucrats will ration out to you),

how to lower your personal and financial profile so you stay one step ahead of our political overlords – the army of snoops, moochers, taxers, regulators, and slick legal operators who have finally brought down the late, great U.S. economy, and would happily do the same to you personally.

And, in what I consider the most sensitive content of all, this one-of-a-kind blockbuster manual is the national go-to resource on a totally "verboten" subject.

It's something they simply don't teach anywhere else. Namely, how to magnify the value of your personal money by preparing yourself to function in what many at the pinnacles of power deride as the "underground economy."

An underground economy here in America? Yes. It already exists, and it is huge and growing. Americans are increasingly embracing private, non-monetary barter. Unfolding job-killing regulations and mandates – such as the Obamacare's sneakily included proviso which soon requires most $600+ transactions across the economy to be reported to the U.S. government – are driving commerce into the shadows.

So with confiscatory taxes set to skyrocket – and depression-level collapse of employment already here – being ready to trade and function in America's vastly expanding underground barter economy has become an absolute must.

I've worked through the barter issue carefully and know that you won't find anything resembling my practical how-to information on the topic anywhere else.

Are you ready to function and prosper in the rising underground economy? If not, you'll to want to devour the successful bartering secrets in my new Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual as soon as it arrives in your mailbox.

8 top websites for bartering good and services (going way beyond Ebay and Craigslist), the private way to make a great deal – and an essential skill to develop now so you can keep functioning if the dollar crashes or the ATM network goes down.

The most timeless, most universal form money – essential to any upscale barter kit.

"Will get especially expensive. Could be an excellent investment. Will always be in demand and can be used as barter." Readily available now in most any U.S. city or town, but sure to be scarce as hen's teeth in a crisis.

"Have been used as a form of money in various underground micro-economies throughout the world," including the United States. Easily obtained, fits in your pocket, sure to be in high demand by certain population segments in times of supply chain disruptions.

"Can potentially save you real money – sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single purchase. The secret to success is..." spelled out in my mega-manual.

4 adult education courses – available at many community colleges – offering smart opportunities to turn a hobby into survival skills and/or barterable goods and services.

You'll want to grab a yellow highlighter and some sticky notes as you read my Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual , because it's not just "nice-to-know" information – it's a practical, do-it-now action guide to self-reliant living.

10 Signs America Is Becoming a Third-World Country before Our Eyes

The folks at Casey Research recently unearthed a perceptive little article titled "10 Signs the U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country." The list speaks for itself, as I have been warning my readers of all ten red flags for some time:

Rising unemployment and poverty (both are much bleaker than official reports portray, as government statisticians routinely "cook the books").

Economic dependence (debt above 90% of GDP).

Declining civil rights (Patriot Act and other privacy stealing mandates).

Increasing political corruption (not only the criminal trials and sex scandals that make for titillating headlines, but the insidious, below-the-radar payola system that corrupts government at all levels).

Military patrolling the streets (my newsletter has detailed the hush-hush training of thousands of U.S. troops for deployment in urban America).

Failing infrastructure (bridges, dams, oil and gas pipelines, power grid).

Disappearing middle class (massive, permanent loss of blue-collar jobs).

Devalued currency (the inevitable result of chronic deficit spending).

Controlling the media (the FCC, having effectively co-opted the major networks, is now eyeing talk radio controls and internet "neutrality").

Capital controls (preventing free markets and free people from correcting and disciplining the financial misdeeds of big government).

Earlier, I promised to make the time you invested in reading this briefing worth your while. Here is an example of just one major wealth-enhancing step you can take right now, as fully explained in my Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Practical Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy.

Pick the "Low-Hanging Fruit" First! Save 40% on Your Groceries -- Guaranteed

I can tell you from extensive research and personal experience that doing all your food shopping at a conventional supermarket is a colossal waste of money!

Fortunately, taking decisive steps to dramatically reduce your basic food budget is an easy (and essential) first step toward smart self-reliance... and will put cash in your pocket to pay for other purchases.

With some minor adjustments in how you buy groceries, you can save as much as a whopping 40% on your personal food bills. In one section of my must-read Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual, I spell out how the foods you purchase at your local supermarket are expensively over-packaged to make tiny portions appear to be bigger than they are. (Bags of snack food that are 60% air? This is just for starters in terms of how most consumers get fleeced every time they set foot in a supermarket, or worse, a convenience store.)

As with all the recommendations in my manual, I have personally implemented them. Saving BIG money on food is easier than you think if you plan ahead. Here are just a few of the steps I have personally taken, so I know this works!

Buy an energy-efficient freezer for your house for under $200!

Shop at major discount chains such as Sam's Club or Costco once a month and fill that freezer with meats and your shelves with non-perishables.

Find local restaurant outlets for even cheaper perishable meats – you and several friends can probably join, or failing that, someone you know with a restaurant can be most helpful.

"A breeding ground for dangerous food-borne bacteria, a serious risk to public health." Virtually unknown just a few years ago, this threat now infests millions of homes nationwide, thanks entirely to Big Government injecting itself into the daily affairs of Americans.

If you aren't taking these steps and MANY MORE outlined in my Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual, then you are leaving big money on the table. Which of course is exactly what retail chains are counting on. Few can afford to hemorrhage this kind of cash... but many do.

One other thing: There is only enough food in the national supply chain to last for three days. Which means that an abrupt energy crisis, bio-terror attack, trucker strike, disease outbreak, or other form of mass panic could leave you without access to essential food – unless you follow my lead and plan ahead.

More on Your Finances and Your Future: Here's the VERY LATEST on the Need to Diversify Out of Dollars Now While You Still Can

My Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Practical Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy tells you everything you need to know about safely and efficiently diversifying out of dollar-denominated assets.

In this must-read section, I spell out in plain, simple, and easy-to-implement language your safest and more effective options for diversifying out of the falling dollar:

How to safely and easily convert your rapidly-declining dollar assets into more stable currencies beyond the destructive reach of Obamanomics.

How to secure safe, stable investments in business-friendly, property-rights respecting, resource-rich countries – BEFORE that door is closed by U.S. regulators struggling to stem the flight of capital from our shores.

How to safely and systematically obtain and dispose of precious metals discreetly, with no government reporting.

The easiest, most practical, and typically most cost-effective way to accumulate silver.

The most recognized, easily exchanged, relatively stable currencies, including arguably the world's soundest currency. Suitable for staying liquid without being tied to the dollar.

3 alternative precious metals offering a safe haven during possible gold confiscation.

This Manual Isn't for Everyone, But It IS for You

The steps toward basic self-reliance I spelled out above are just the tip of the iceberg – I have MUCH more I want to send you with my compliments!

Let me say this again: You really don't have to become Barack Obama's ATM, or have what's yours taken away by desperate federal officials, or be caught flat-footed in the ugly aftermath when all of Uncle Sam's promises finally do fall apart under the harsh light of financial reality.

Self-reliance is an emerging MUST. As federal finances continue to unravel, millions of government dependents who are completely unequipped to stand on their own two feet (much less have savings set aside for retirement) are going to be desperate. Dangerously desperate. (In the Great Depression, almost half of the population still worked close to the land through professions like agriculture – which means they were far more capable of riding out the storm than most Americans are today.)

Under Obamanomics, It's Back to Every Man for Himself, Big-Time

While these concerns are very real, none of this need ruin you (as it will others who will be caught unaware). You can act decisively today to make yourself more self-reliant in every sphere of your life and come out way ahead.

It's all about situational awareness of what is happening around you... sound planning... and effective comprehensive implementation. That's where my Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual stands apart. It doesn't stop at exposing the great risks we face; it delivers real-world solutions that are straightforward and easy to put into immediate action.

Need to sell your house in this tough market? Two features place your home in the group that's in peak demand. You'll get a better price and a faster sale.

"One of the best ways to legally reduce [or eliminate] taxes you pay to the bloated bastion of waste and corruption that is the federal government." How to get started fast.

You've heard it many times – cash is king. It goes double in times of crisis! Imagine the scenario if the banking system takes a sudden "holiday" or the ATM network crashes. In a flash, access to cash will be the new king. My manual advises precisely how many greenbacks to squirrel away (along with other, better forms of cash).

How to hedge yourself against – and potentially profit from – the rebound in fuel prices. Even larger price surges are inevitable due to chronic under-investment in global energy infrastructure.

At the end of this briefing, I will tell you how to get your FREE copy of the must-have Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual I've been telling you about,and in the process, plus a steeply-discounted, completely risk-free subscription to my monthly flagship publication, Independent Living newsletter.

I know your time is valuable so let me summarize what amounts to thousands more great tips and action suggestions I want to rush you right now on how to enhance your family's self-reliance, each detailed in my Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual...

Get these inexpensive solar-powered stoves, ovens, and water-purification systems now while you still can. They're great for camping and are essential in case of inevitable interruptions in normal utility service.

Make (and trade) your own healthy multi-grain bread for pennies on the dollar. It's a great family activity with these surprisingly easy-to-use technical innovations at your fingertips. Learn this skill now so you can easily fall back on it in times of crisis or shortage.

These low-cost blood tests reveal hidden information about your underlying health. This service not only evaluates your blood for signs of potential disease, it gives you a suggested vitamin regimen to fend off the illnesses to which you are most susceptible! Yet few establishment doctors or corporate healthcare entities will breathe a word to you about any of it.

Stop paying those inflated auto repair shop rates for diagnostic services. Instead, learn where to get FREE diagnostic tools and services for your car, truck, or SUV. Over 4,000 professionally staffed locations nationwide.

Two ways to use your spare time to become much more self-sufficient.

The 33 most useful words ever to appear in a government manual? Use them as your watchwords to survive any situation, evade any threat, recover from any crisis. Proven effective by U.S. combat forces.

You Need These Capabilities NOW!

The Boy Scouts are right. Preparedness is essential to survival and comfort in times of crisis. Think of my mega-manual as a Boy Scout guide for grown-ups, offering thousands of ways to "be prepared" for whatever comes down the pike.

You must take steps to get medical masks, water purification tablets, and potassium iodide pills for nuclear and biological protection right now, before these items become impossible to find. Here's how to do it!

State and federal bureaucrats are taking steps to track who is buying ammunition in the U.S. Here's how to discreetly get high-quality ammo reload kits and stay off Uncle Sam's radar screen – or trade later for big bucks if you don't own a gun!

Use the Internet to get involved in local farming co-ops. It's a great way to meet like-minded friends and have a "PLAN B" for access to food in times of national turmoil.

Why I fear my government. According to a Department of Justice internal document reviewed by Independent Living, citizens who have "instructed themselves on topics ranging from first aid to childbirth to edible plants" are to be considered potential terrorists and extremists. They are to be subjected to enhanced scrutiny by criminal investigators, who are directed "to obtain as much information as possible" about such citizens.

Or if you consider yourself a "constitutionalist," or a "Christian patriot," or if you identify with the "Patriot movement," you, too, have been named as a terror threat, per this official 120-page Department of Justice manual, last updated in 2009. Also on the potential terrorist threat list of scaredy-pants U.S. officials – vegans, proof to me that it's federal overlords who are bizarrely paranoid, not ordinary citizens sick and tired of the nanny state.

(And while our government builds its files on spooky vegetarians and scary midwives, murderous criminal gangs – heavily populated by illegal aliens – roam our cities at will and spread a reign of terror into our suburbs.)

You Won't Find This 4-1-1 Anywhere Else but in My Mega-Manual!

Do your own research! We found the insider website that healthcare professionals use to check the quality of hospitals and the care they deliver. There are often vast differences in quality of care between one hospital and another. Let me show you how to use this site to your OWN advantage!

The shocking untold story of how most "fuel-efficient" hybrid cars are overhyped, over-priced, and a lousy alternative... as compared to far more cost-effective options I spell out for you.

How pre-paid foreign currency debit cards remain one of the relatively unregulated ways you can discretely spend money here in the U.S.

12 invaluable websites every self-reliant individual should bookmark now.

Grab an old toolbox, backpack, or even a shoebox and load up with these tools, gadgets, and gizmos. Easy to do now... invaluable in time of need.

Escape Obamacare's Rationing Schemes and Death Panels

At risk of facing lung cancer under Obamacare? This herbal remedy may help fend it off. This section of my manual also tells you how to detect this deadly disease while you still have an 80% chance of survival.

7 cheap-yet-powerful infection fighters you can improvise from your pantry.

As a self-reliant person, you want to keep current with first-aid skills. See my manual for easy, practical ways to do this. Note: that Red Cross class you took oh-so-many years ago may not help much when the heat is on.

Prepare for the Looming Energy Crisis

What your electric company is hoping you never find out. Four little-known options for dramatically lowering your utility bills.

A power outage for an hour is an inconvenience; for a day, a hardship; for a week, a crisis. Two key items can help you get by longer without power.

With all domestic energy production under regulatory assault by Al Gore clones, $6-8 per gallon gasoline is inevitable. Here's how to smile all the way to the bank when Obama's anti-fossil-fuel policies crimp supply and the prices at the gas pump skyrocket.

If you ever have to hire a lawyer or need legal advice, get a copy of this "cheat sheet" reference book that attorneys quietly consult when they don't know how to resolve your issue. It will cut down on your need for lawyers!

Cash In on Obama's Energy Tax Scam

These two websites give you ALL the updated information you need to get the maximum benefit out all the new energy-saving tax breaks coming out of Washington!

An amazing new tax code change allows for a 30% renewable energy tax credit – with NO LIMIT on the total credit you can take! MUST-READ.

Most doctors won't admit it, but when you complain of symptoms, they frequently reference their Merck Manuals to identify the problem and determin a course of action. Here's how to get a layman's version of the Merck Manual just in case you have a medical issue and don't have access to a doctor. A must for the self-reliant household.

Why big companies like Coca-Cola are investing in so-called "Bloom Boxes" to supply power against the growing probability of rolling blackouts. Your house or business can get one for about $3,000, and the price is dropping fast.

PLAN B to Protect Your Finances

Before you hire an "expert" on offshore financial instruments as a means of wealth protection, make sure you visit these two ALL-FREE websites to get vital inside information without spending a dime.

How and why to set up a "weekend retreat" location, complete with total personal security and sweet tax advantages (if you do it like we show you).

Homemade wine and beer seemed like a hassle, but not anymore. Let me show you the latest breakthroughs on how you can make, drink, or even trade what you brew. Think what this skill could mean in times of crisis.

Greater Self-Reliance Made Profitable

Here's a home-grown asset protection trick even the most advanced financial "experts" don't know about: How to purchase a foreign insurance policy that gives you the same tax advantage as U.S. counterparts – with the upside of allowing you to denominate the payout in a stronger foreign currency! It's the perfect idea for the era of the declining dollar.

How and why you should spend your own money detecting health problems before they become serious. Waiting for the symptoms of a deadly illness to get serious enough for insurance to "kick in" is a fatal mistake that has killed millions!

Personal Defense Tactics 101

Four steps you need to take now to side-step a pending new bill, the Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act. Get this done before the gun-grabbers make this bill a law!

Everything you need to know about non-lethal home defenses, including Tasers, pepper spray, stun devices, and other key devices to make your home (and its occupants) much safer.

Cigarettes are bad for you, yes – but they are great for trading in the underground economy now that state and even local governments are taxing them to dizzying heights. Here's how to buy high-quality tobacco on the cheap and the machine you need to roll an unlimited number of authentic looking and tasting filtered cigarettes for trade or use.

Home Security Tips: The Brilliant Home Decoy Safe – WOW!

How to set up a decoy safe in your house that will fool even the most experienced criminals.

Your first line of defense against burglary or home invasion. Often the mere presence of such a device will keep a burglar from even trying to get into your home and instead, find an easier mark down the street.

"Quick fix" that makes any door more secure. Can be done in minutes by most homeowners and costs only pennies.

Burglars' entry tool of choice is no longer a crowbar, but a cordless drill with a hardened drill bit. Defeat this tactic with one call to a locksmith (or if you're handy, one trip to the home improvement store).

An innocent knothole in your privacy fence can quite literally turn into a loophole for police who want to enter your property. The manual describes fence specifications that keep both prying eyes and unwanted visitors out.

Where to store your valuables and barterables so burglars won't find them. Whether you go for an actual safe or one of my sneaky "secret hiding places," my manual will help assure that you and only you have access to the items you've stashed away for use in an emergency.

Worst hiding place for valuables: the master bedroom. Burglars ransack them first! Outsmart common thieves by hiding valuables "in plain sight"... see the clever tips in the manual.

Escape the incompetent clutches of Obamacare! Save big bucks on dental and health procedures by knowing which advanced countries now offer first-class, U.S. rated hospitals and other medical facilities.

Where to find the very best "fill-in-the-blanks" pre-fab legal agreements, simple wills, and other legal documents. They'll save you a TON of money!

The uncrashable Internet? Take these precautions so your business can still function in the event of a massive crash in the Internet. This section of my manual can help your company operate, survive, and prosper if Obama uses his executive power to take control of the Internet or if the World Wide Web crashes for any reason.

Free Legal Assistance CAN Work!

Under attack by a federal bureaucrat, regulator, or the IRS? Here are the VERY BEST free legal assistance agencies out there!

A lawyer can be your best friend and advocate... or your worst nightmare. Learn what to do when you need good legal help, as well as how to handle matters yourself (and save a pile of money in the process) when possible.

Lawyers' "little black book of secrets." I'll give you the title plus the website where you can buy it. For roughly the cost of one hour of an attorney's time, you'll get answers to thousands of legal questions anytime you need them.

Perhaps the web's best resource for legal self-help. Has info on nearly every aspect of law, and articles are written in plain English, not legalese!

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The 11 most dangerous myths about offshore financial dealings and how to hedge your risks.

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Get it now! The soon-to-be-outlawed home DNA test kit that reveals genetic markers that signal cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.

Don't let anyone tell you that speeding and parking fines aren't a big deal for state and local agencies. The city of Seattle (pop. 617,000) hauls in $21.5 million a year from parking tickets alone! My manual explains what to do if you are pulled over, ticketed, or dragged into traffic court – and how to charm your way out of fines, points, and convictions.

Buy a water cooler and take water as a "business expense." You need a minimum 3-week supply of drinkable water in your house at ALL times!

How to make your own antibiotics in the privacy of your home.

Where to obtain the little-known natural protein DMG (dimethylglycine) which has strong potential to help you survive an anthrax or other biological attack.

How deactivated old cell phones can easily be converted to serve as an emergency call beacon for members of your family.

Why getting an insurance umbrella policy equal to or greater than your net worth can save you from disastrous, wealth-destroying lawsuits.

The importance of 12-volt chargers and 110-volt converters so you can recharge computers, flashlights, and other essentials using the cigarette lighter in your car. Here's where to get reliable high-quality stuff you need.

You Can – and MUST – Attain Greater Medical Self-Reliance

In over 50% of heart disease cases, the first "symptom" is sudden death! These low-cost screening services go far beyond the cookie-cutter, insurance-approved tests your doctor normally does during your annual physical. Learn your true risk of stroke, heart disease, and arterial blockage.

Getting screwed by a corporation or small business? Here's how to sue them without you having to hire an attorney, but in such a way that it forces them to bear the cost of hiring one. A great pressure tactic to getting the justice you want and deserve.

And scores of other great tips, suggestions, and strategies I don't have room to spell out here!

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Independent Living is about smart, ahead-of-the-curve planning. Using the system to your advantage. Protecting your assets. Reducing your profile. Being clued in to the best medical care and most exciting breakthroughs the public won't learn about for years. Getting the most out of your tax planner. Living the highest possible quality of life nearing and in retirement.

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It wasn't necessarily what readers wanted to hear, but in 2006, while most homeowners were in a state of denial over the housing bubble, Independent Living suggested that anyone who had a home for sale promptly offer a steep discount before the market demanded even lower prices. In short order, home values plunged 29% nationwide according to Standard & Poor's.

While the Wall Street/Washington-beholden media were still touting a strong economy in '07, Independent Living warned we were entering a recession (as the feds finally admitted a year later).

When most experts saw crude oil as overpriced at $50, Independent Living called $100+ oil "inevitable."

Then as crude surged toward $145 in spring '08, Independent Living warned prices could fall back below $80 as the economic contraction intensified.

Independent Living warned readers that even after the initial plunge of REITs in summer '07, they were still grossly overvalued. REIT values have fallen by half in the ensuing 24 months.

We urged subscribers to avoid the U.S. financial sector before the floor fell out. Long before the collapses of Bear Stearns, Countrywide Financial, and Indymac, Independent Living specifically warned that the banking system was a house of cards and led readers to get out of the riskiest banks and brokerages (which we specifically named... well in advance of their collapse).

While investors fled out of risky assets and into the "safety" of U.S. Treasuries, we said investors were merely blowing up a new bubble that was about to burst. In the first half of 2009, the Treasury market took its worst hit since 1994. Instead of taking losses, Independent Living readers were clearly directed to specialty "inverse" instruments that yielded profits of 30-50%.

While a panicky Wall Street (along with a slew of investment newsletters) told people to sell stocks at the very bottom of the crash, Independent Living readers were urged in early 2009 to snap up mining stocks, gold, silver, energy, and other prime assets that had been thrown out with the bathwater. Most of the sectors we picked are up well over 100% in less than 2 years!

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No, we don't have a crystal ball, and we're not so headstrong as to believe that we're necessarily smarter than anyone else. I believe it comes down to two things.

Number one, we are truly independent. We aren't "bought" by advertisers or tied to the fortunes of giant corporations. We aren't allied with any political party or movement. Currying favor with media elites, high-ranking government officials, or Hollywood's rich and famous is of zero interest to us.

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You see, research is no longer just about reviewing historical data and trying to plot the next point on the graph. We live in truly unprecedented times – and crunching numbers and plotting charts is no longer sufficient.

So Independent Living's research looks at emerging social trends... at the shifting targets of government regulators... at the subtle changes of various market sectors relative to one another, relative to government policies, and relative to investor expectations. It's this unique approach to research that yields the valuable insights and spot-on predictions our readers have come to look forward to and rely upon every month.

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