Monday, May 02, 2011

Expert Analysis - The Long Form [Obama] Document WAS CHANGED 05-01-2011

.....there are some racists among the birthers, and one particular YouTube video is attracting some bigoted comments:


" Most black people can’t spell the word “constitution” let alone have any respect for or understanding of what it is & stands for! Everything this bi-sexual muslim marxist Chicago mojo man, now our hocus-pocus president is doing to destroy America is DIRECTLY related to the fact that this arrogant thug doesn’t belong in the WH in the first place! This makes the eligibility/constitution issue the ONLY issue. There is no more pertinent issue!! To believe otherwise is pathetic ignorance! "

" They only voted for Obama because hes black(No im not raceist) "

" Obama himself “his personality” is as fake as his birth certificate. It just looks so not right him being U.S president. "