Friday, May 13, 2011

The End: May 21 2011 ? October 21, 2011 ? or Dec 21 2012 ?


Quick side note:

May 12 2011 - Bones Season 6, Episode 22 had a nice atheist/god moment [bones trying to reason "leaving" and her role in preventing it] - Vincent's death.


May 21 2011 ? October 21, 2011 ? or Dec 21 2012 ?

The purpose of this tract is to inform you of the great urgency there now is in the world for each and every person to be reconciled to God. The Bible is the Word of God! Everything the Bible declares has the full authority of God Himself. Now, at this time, information is coming forth from the Bible which clearly reveals God’s plan for Judgment Day and the end of the world itself. The Bible has opened up its secrets concerning the timeline of history. This information was never previously known because God had closed up His Word blocking any attempt to gain knowledge of the end of the world. We read about this in the book of Daniel:.....continued




Mayan: End of the World Dec 21 2012