Friday, July 29, 2011 - Urgent: Unions Ramp Up Attacks on Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin Reformers - Fight Back - joke of the day.

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Teachers' unions in Wisconsin have cooked up their biggest scheme in a generation: bankrolling efforts to recall six state senators who supported Governor Scott Walker's sweeping reforms. The first of these recall elections will take place in less than two weeks.

National education unions want to replace these committed legislators with hand-picked candidates who will carry the water of special interests. One of the challengers is even a board member of the National Education Association (NEA) union!

The election of these candidates could mean that Governor Walker's transformational reforms -- including the expansion of the state's school voucher programs -- could be rolled back and overturned.

We're fighting to tell the truth about reform in Wisconsin! It's time to stop these special interests from upending democracy, and we need your help within the next 48 hours to make an impact.

Here's the bottom line: If anti-reform special interests succeed, the reform majority in the Wisconsin State Senate will be wiped out. Governor Scott Walker's agenda will be stopped dead in its tracks. This setback would have devastating national consequences.

Just imagine: Teachers' unions in other states -- along with their wealthy allies -- would likely raise hundreds of millions of dollars to overturn the election of any official who dares to stand up for important reforms that put the needs of children, families and taxpayers first.

It's that serious.

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In Wisconsin, the American Federation for Children -- the nation's strongest education, advocacy, and political organization promoting school vouchers and scholarship tax credit programs – is fighting back. We're investing considerable resources -- informing voters through the mail, on radio, on television, online and even door-to-door -- to counter the resources of anti-reform special interest groups.

But we need your help.

Will you support this fight today, with a $25, $50, or $100 contribution?

To match the incredible power of the special interests in Wisconsin, we need to raise $50,000 in the next 48 hours. Thanks to generous donors, your gift will be immediately matched, $1 for $1. That means that your gift of $75 automatically becomes $150 to us!

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Every $25 you donate will help us reach 38 voters.

Wisconsin -- and America -- cannot afford to turn back the clock on reform. The educational futures of tens of thousands of children who benefit from school choice programs are at risk. Economic recovery is at stake. And Governor Walker's pioneering reform agenda -- the one that he outlined just months ago in his keynote speech to the AFC annual policy summit -- cannot be overturned.

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Just imagine: if the special interests succeed in Wisconsin, what will happen in your state? What will happen to the economic recovery and education reform efforts that are key to creating jobs and improving the lives of children and families? What message will reform supporters hear in statehouses across the country...if opponents of commonsense reform spend mightily but their friends sit on the sidelines, or just choose to sit this one out?

Rest assured, the American Federation for Children won't do that. We choose to fight. And we want you to fight alongside us.

Fight alongside us today with a contribution and help us raise $50,000 in the next 48 hours.

Indeed, this effort is so important that every dollar of your donation will be immediately matched, one for one.

Please, don't let anti-reform special interests undo the dramatic reforms that Wisconsin passed this year. Stand with the legislators who worked courageously to advance our shared values, and send a message to reform-minded legislators everywhere....that if they take a stand, we'll stand with them.

Thank you in advance.

John Schilling
Chief Operating Officer
American Federation for Children

PS: We cannot turn back the clock on reform in Wisconsin or anywhere in America. Donate today and stand with leaders who put the needs of children and families above special interests. Click here.

The American Federation for Children is a 501(c) (4) issue advocacy organization and contributions or gifts to American Federation for Children are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes

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