Monday, December 05, 2011

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( Fox Host distraught, thinks new Muppet Movie sends Anti-Corporate Message )

TOP TEN DISNEY MOVIES and their "evil librul" agenda:

1) 101 Dalmatians: teaches kids that fur is murder and that rich people are fucking cruel

2) The Rescuers: big gov't agents from a United Nations work together to save an orphan

3) Cinderella: hard work will only take you so far; sometimes the fairy godmother of socialism is necessary to achieve upwards social mobility

4) Dumbo: animal cruelty (and racial stereotypes) are wrong; believe in yourself

5) Bambi: pro-environmentalist theme that also shows that hunting is cruel

6) Fantasia: psychedelics and music are totally fucking awesome together

7) Pinocchio: another tale of upwards social mobility being made possible by hard work and the magic of socialism

8) Robin Hood: take from the rich and give to the poor

9) The Sword and the Stone: emphasizes the primacy of a good education

10) Winnie the Pooh: don't eat too much hunny, also: depressives and active children don't need to be medicated.

CONSERVATIVE Disney movies

1) The Lion King: an oppressed minority is forced to starve to death in order to maintain an illegitimate executive power; also, no sex before marriage

2) Beauty and the Beast: the return of debtor's prison is advocated and women are treated as objects. In normal conservative sloganeering, the message is patriotic and beautiful but hides ugliness. Here one is asked to see the beauty under the ugliness of the message. Also, no sex before marriage.

3) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: seven strip miners give charity to a homeless runaway by making her their slave; also, no sex before marriage

4) The Little Mermaid: the dangers of what happens when a girl disobeys daddy; also, no sex before marriage

5) Sleeping Beauty: because of one little prick, an entire kingdom is put in jeopardy (it's the George W. Bush story); also, no sex before marriage


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