Saturday, October 15, 2011

OWS Protester gets Run over by a Cop on Video – Right Wing Spins it as Fake

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During the impromptu march after the Occupy Wall Street protesters’ triumphant victory of avoiding eviction from Liberty Park, one protester, reportedly a lawyer, was run over by a police officer on his motorcycle. With videos and pictures of the incident now circulating, I was curious as to what spin the right wing would give this, after all, the motorcycle is on top of the man’s leg as the cop saunters off leaving him in agony.

Here’s the picture clearly showing the cop after he got off of his motorcycle leaving the man on the street in pain under the motorcycle.

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The Gateway Pundit ‘reports’ their denial:
" Don’t get too upset. The whole incident was totally staged. The protester wasn’t even in front of the police officer. He just laid down and started writhing in pain like he had been hit. "
By all means, don’t prove it, just say it enough times until it’s a fact. How very Fox News of them.

Republicans are attempting to deny any police brutality has taken place from the onset. Even when the initial pepper spraying incident took place showing two females in a video screaming on their knees — one of them couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds dripping wet wearing a Polly-Annish looking dress, yet somehow Tea Party Republicans justified it.

The spin on this is amazing. Tea Partiers deem these protesters as ‘dirty hippies’ yet they are ‘patriots’. Their pomposity is overwhelming, given that we would defend them if we saw the prevalence of police force. Their smug feigning of righteousness of all that is good while dismissing clear facts right in their tea party faces is absurd. These are the people that were voted in, thus taking control of the House. These are the people that wanted to shut the government down.

Their denial is simply a jealous tea party temper tantrum. Time Magazine’s new survey resulted in 54 percent of Americans having a favorable impression of the protests; just 23 percent have a negative impression. An NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, meanwhile, found that 37 percent of respondents “tend to support” the movement, while only 18 percent “tend to oppose” it. In fact, Occupy Wall Street has more public approval than Congress, the Tea Party and President Obama. I’m sure they’ll deny those statistics too.

I’m sure this isn’t really an officer’s arm about to smack that guy upside his head.

Image one: Daily Kos with our thanks.

Image two: Hall of Shame with thanks.