Monday, September 12, 2011 Glenn Beck is Back - Start your 14 day FREE trial now - joke of the year

It's not a good day to be a liberal - correction - there's never a good day to be a liberal, but today is especially a bad day to be a liberal because Glenn Beck is back! The all new 2 hour Glenn Beck Show launches today, September 12th, and can be seen exclusively on weekdays at the familiar 5pm ET time slot.

What is GBTV? GBTV is the beginning of a new media revolution and is the future of how people will consume news and entertainment. Want to see Glenn Beck unleashed? Sign up for GBTV and you'll get that plus so much more. (Get the full list of GBTV features HERE [ ] ). The new 2 hour Glenn Beck Show on GBTV is packed with entertainment and information featuring Glenn Beck like you've never seen him before. No middle man. No barriers. No filters.

Why Join GBTV? Glenn strongly believes that the solutions to all of our global problems all begin with the individual. That's the main reason he created GBTV - to give people who want to be part of the solution a launching pad to start doing great things. Think of GBTV as a verb - you aren't going there just to sit back and admire the problems - you are going to find out how to be part of solving them.

How do I get GBTV? The best part is GBTV goes wherever you do. From your laptop to your desktop to your television (via a Roku device), and with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch access coming very soon - GBTV is always available. No more faking illnesses to ensure you're home to watch Glenn. If you've got Internet access, you've got GBTV—live or on demand whenever you want to watch.

SPECIAL OFFER: Try the all new Glenn Beck Show on for size with this great offer: 14 DAYS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Get inspired. Get involved. Get GBTV! Start your 14 day FREE trial now.
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