Thursday, September 08, 2011

Right-wing and Racist Terrorism groups has emerged as an increasing threat

Right-wing and Racist Terrorism

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"....During the last couple of decades, terrorism from racist and right-wing groups has emerged as an increasing threat. This has been particularly noticeable in North America and Europe. Some of these forms of terrorism have long traditions: violence against ethnic, racial, sexual and political minorities has been going on for decades, and even centuries, in some countries. Lynchings of blacks in the USA, and violence against gypsies, refugees, and labour migrants in several European countries are almost part of the local lore. However, recent waves of immigration and asylum seekers have been met by alarming amounts of violence in some countries, prompting the political system and the public to respond — although sometimes rather hesitantly.

However, the public was mentally unprepared for a new form of right-wing terrorism that virtually exploded with the car bombing of the Federal office building in Oklahoma City in April 1995, killing 169 persons and wounding more than 400. In peaceful Sweden, neo-Nazis in 1999 murdered two police officers, assassinated a labour union activist, bombed a journalist and his son in their car and, in 1998, Nazis also sent a letter-bomb to the Swedish Minister of Justice....." - Continued:


The Militia Movement

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Origins: Mid-to-late 1993
Prominent leaders: John Trochmann (Montana), Ron Gaydosh (Michigan), Randy Miller (Texas), Charlie Puckett (Kentucky), Mark Koernke (Michigan), Carl Worden (Oregon), Gib Ingwer (Ohio)

Prominent groups: Kentucky State Militia, Ohio Unorganized Militia Assistance and Advisory Committee, Southeastern Ohio Defense Force, Michigan Militia (two factions using the same name), Southern Indiana Regional Militia, Southern California High Desert Militia-and many others

Outreach: Gun shows, shortwave radio, newsletters, the Internet

Ideology: Anti-government and conspiracy-oriented in nature; prominent focus on firearms

Prominent militia arrests: Multiple members of the following groups have been arrested and convicted, usually on weapons, explosives, or conspiracy charges: Oklahoma Constitutional Militia, Georgia Republic Militia, Arizona Viper Militia, Washington State Militia, West Virginia Mountaineer Militia, Twin Cities Free Militia, North American Militia, San Joaquin County Militia...." - Continued: