Thursday, September 01, 2011

After Boring the Entire Digg Community, Jesus Schools a Banned Digg User

DIGG: ( video ) "We have faith in our paranoia."



Fav. forum comment of the month: Digg Patriots have expressed concern forum:

" anomaly100

Open Request:

Active members of the Digg Patriots [ ] have expressed concern over being down voted while others are being up voted. I ask you to show them compassion and allow them to carry on with their business as usual (wink wink) without feeling less popular or inferior than they already are.

Although the down/up voting is a big part of Digg, they prefer it's ignored while they are commenting. This is apparently extremely important to them, since Digg is their life's focus.

Hopefully this open request will 'pacify' active members of the Digg Patriots. I post this message in good faith asking nothing in return from the DP's (because I'm just nice like that).

Carry on. Express your feigned outrage (Grrr! Roar!).

Thank you & Sincerely,

Anomaly100 "