Tuesday, August 23, 2011

townhall.com - Help Stop the Radical Environmentalists - joke of the day

Why do they want to kill the essential resources of capitalism and democracy?

It's simple: Capitalism and human progress are the antithesis of radicals' planned enviro-topia because they believe man and all we have achieved is the scourge of earth.

Unfortunately more and more people are being fooled into following the radical enviro-conspirators down this dangerous path. Our crashing stock market, growing unemployment- and Chinese control of essential minerals and economic ascendency are signs of their success.

Don't be fooled – they have a vision for America and it's not one either you or we share.

Let's STOP them now before it's too late. [ http://goo.gl/g4Pmi ]

Take the FIRST STEP right now to STOP the Radical Agenda.

Defend America by standing up and being counted – it'll cost you nothing other than your willingness to join.

Resourceful Earth, a project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is ready to kick some green and take the fight to them.

Our sole focus is to free the American resources of capitalism available under our feet that have been held hostage by Radical greens and their compliant EPA.

You know what will destroy the Radical Environmentalist Agenda to destroy our nation? They lose when we can produce cheap gas, affordable electricity from coal, and vast domestic supplies of minerals like copper and rare earths.

The radicals know it! That's why they are so strenuously fighting every plan to drill or mine.

Here's what we will do to fight back:

Dominate the public debate to show the public the radicals war on coal, oil, and mining is stalling economic growth.

Expose the corporate cowards, media know-nothings, and Green RINOs. the radicals hide behind. We will call them out by name and judge them by the company they keep.

Uncover and sever the big greens' funding from foundations, radicals, and foreign sources.

Finally we will fight in the trenches and no longer allow them to own the voice of the people in public hearings and the permitting process.

We are prepared to take the fight to them – for you all it takes is for you to join with us as we build this army.

Together we will dismantle the green agenda and restore American prosperity.



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