Tuesday, July 12, 2011

townhall.com - Momentum Alert: POTG Steve Forbes Predicts A Move Back To The Gold Standard - joke of the week

Momentum Alert: POTG stock Rising Incredibly Fast

Steve Forbes Predicts A Move Back To The "Gold Standard" Crucial For America's Economic Survival - POTG One Of A Few Companies To Profit When It Happens!

Poor financial decisions, soaring oil prices and pressure from China's exploding economy are driving the U.S. dollar to a 41 year low - Billionaire Steve Forbes says going back to the Gold Standard is a "must" - and POTG could return us 1,109% gains when Uncle Sam starts restocking Fort Knox!


Experts like Steve Forbes are saying that our only answer to stopping our bleeding dollar is to tether our money to gold...

And with Utah's recent legalization of gold and silver as accepted tender, they're leading the charge in a movement that seems to be sweeping the entire country.

It won't be long till other states take a page out of Utah's book, approving gold as legal tender, putting pressure on the federal government to follow suit.

But where do you think they'll be getting the physical gold they need to replenish the supply needed for such a move? Not from China, that's for sure…

We need a more logical alternative, and it's location, location, location that makes Portage Resources (POTG) such a smart move…

Working their property in Peru, production is ready and raring to go! Initial drilling tests prove to be so promising that the project has been put on the fast track to production because not only do they want to take advantage of gold's unprecedented prices…

But they'd be crazy not to be producing when the U.S. government actually makes the decision to move back to the Gold Standard, because it'll be crucial that the government build up a solid stockpile before making the announcement.

Here's what you need to know now:

Like Timmons Gold (TMGOF) before it, POTG could skyrocket 1,109%!

POTG's unprecedented 1,109% prospective gains means every $5,000 turns into $55,450 - every $10,000 turns into $110,900 - get in now at what could be the lowest possible price of $.60!

With gold on its way to $5,000 an ounce, POTG shares could triple on another gold price jump.

Utah is setting the stage for this epic move back the Gold Standard - the time to get in is now - as the price of gold could vault 225%! POTG could double, triple or even quadruple if this happens!

POTG's Puruvian property is just about ready to go - get in now at $.60, sell half at $3.32, let the rest ride!

I believe that we're on the edge of a monumental moment in American history, it's times such as these that create Millions and even Billions for those with the foresight to see the tremendous profit potential in our move back to a commodities backed currency.

The only question is…

Will you be there to profit?

Read more: [ http://www2.smallcapfortunes.com/potg/index.html ]

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