Saturday, July 23, 2011 - "Get Over It!" AARP says as they fight American Seniors - joke of the week

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AARP is starting to crack, while Amac grows stronger.

AARP is dangerously out of step with America.

First they supported weakening the 2nd Amendment. Then they were silent on illegal immigration, on the Ground Zero Mosque, on increasing taxes, on gas prices.

Then, against all logic, the AARP drove the passage of ObamaCare - while knowing seniors would pay billions in increased Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage premiums as a direct result.

AARP’s financial gain “could exceed $1 billion from the new health care law” – House Ways and Means “Behind the Veil” investigation finding.

Now they come out in support of “changes” in Social Security?!?
“…news that the most powerful lobbying force for older Americans had softened its opposition to benefit cuts could not have come at a worse time.” – the liberal Huffington Post

“The (AARPs)timing is very destructive” - Nancy Altman, co-director of the Strengthen Social Security Campaign

“I think they’re dead wrong on this issue and I think many of the other senior organizations feel the same way” - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

The AARP’s new advertising slogan?
“Get over it!”

We're not 'Getting Over It!' says the Leading Conservative to the AARP!

Amac, The Association of Mature American Citizens Is Fighting Back.
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Dan Weber, president of Amac says, “ it looks like AARP is a giant ship that has lost its rudder- and it is about to hit the rocky shore. The problem is they are taking their members down with them”

In stark contrast to the AARP, Amac recently issued two strong proposals to keep Social Security solvent while putting more money in the pockets of older Americans.

AMAC is courting legislators to introduce a bill to eliminate the tax on Social Security income that one in three people collecting Social Security are now paying.

“We consider it unfair to tax Social Security twice, once when you pay in and again when you start to collect,” Weber says.

Amac Fights For:
Smaller government
The 2nd Ammendment
Freedom of Religion – as America’s Founders intended
The old-fashioned values that made America the Greatest Country on earth.
Amac. Better for You. Better for America.

Which organization do you want to be a member of?
The giant Goliath that has lost its way- or the small David that knows what it needs to do?

If you are 45 or older join the fight.

Join Amac.

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You can save much more than your pennies-a-day membership in exclusive member benefits. Amac offers Medicare supplements, auto insurance, life insurance and discounts on the products and services seniors want and need.

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There is strength in numbers!

Amac Benefit and Discount Information

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Why YOU should join Amac now:

Special Urgent Appeal to Every American Over 50 – Join today and spread the word.

Conservative Americans need to Join Forces by joining Amac. We need to neutralize the effects of liberal power brokers – like the AARP.

More and more Americans are realizing the NEED for an organization like the AARP – but one that represents the Real America and stands for traditional values, fiscal responsibility and true financial security for those who have earned it.

Amac is now THE leading conservative alternative to the AARP, providing insurance benefits (including Medicare Supplement, Major Medical), travel discounts and A VOICE THAT TRULY SPEAKS FOR YOU. Amac membership has recently exploded with a ground swell of grassroots support – from 30,000 members to over 170,000 members.

More and more Americans are realizing that the AARP does not represent their values – while Amac does.

Your fellow Americans are joining Amac because the AARP:

Does not represent best interest.

Misrepresents the needs and wishes of American over 50.

Aggressively backed ObamaCare against the wishes of their members. From whom they now stand to take $1 Billion Dollars as a direct result of Medicare cuts AARP supported.

Supports aggressive Gun Control.

Supports federally-funded Abortion.

Supports big government and encourages Federal spending. (They received over $100 million in grants last year.)

They either support or are silent on many other issues that seniors oppose.

They have very limited choices for insurance benefits. Every policy they sell furthers their agenda.

$1 Billion reward for passage of ObamaCare

Finally, we know why AARP worked so hard to get ObamaCare passed. As reported recently in the New York Times and Washington Post, a Congressional Oversight committee released the findings of a year-long investigation that revealed how AARP stands to make nearly $1 billion over the next 10 years if ObamaCare remains in effect.

Watch the video of AARP President, A. Barry Rand being questioned in Congress.
This is why we need your help. Amac is fighting to help mature Americans, not push legislation that profits us.

Join the Amac Army. Together we can make a difference. Tell the AARP, "No More!"

Everything that was once good about the AARP is now

Better with Amac:

True advocacy for seniors. We fight for better public policy that address your needs and your values.

Active, involved membership. Grassroots efforts working for legislation to curb government spending and over taxing seniors.

Insurance you need – Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Coverage, Major Medical, Long-term Care, Home, Auto and more.

Travel and other discounts on products important to mature Americans.

Plus, we fight against:

Out of control spending in Washington, DC.

Record debt we are leaving out kids and grandkids.

Government policies that are killing jobs instead of creating them.

Liberal agendas that weaken our economic and military strength and limit our freedoms.

In what will be the MOST IMPORTANT election in our nation's history – we need to neutralize AARP's power. they were a powerhouse for Obama in the last election.

We can't allow that to be repeated. We need to let our elected representatives know AARP doesn't speak for US. AMAC does.
If you are over 50, please join us NOW.

Amac Demands an End to the Social Security Double-Tax

Amac – Over 150,000 Strong – is pressuring Congress to draft legislation ending the tax on your Social Security checks. This money is yours. You earned it. You need it. The government has no right to it.

If you are senior collecting social security, and your combined income is more than $33,000 ($25,000 single) you are paying a tax on your Social Security income* – A Tax that you ALREADY paid.

You were taxed when your money went in – and now you are being taxed AGAIN when YOUR money is returned to you.

That doesn't make any sense. Amac is telling key House Representatives that it is just plain wrong. And, that they MUST draft legislation to correct it.

Join Amac. We will add you to our growing army supporting this legislation. With your help we will get new laws enacted. Better Laws. Better for You. Better for America.

Join now. Stay informed. Get the Amac Magazine. Get the Amac benefits – save on insurance and other products vital to your quality of life.

*see Social Security publication 915 to figure your combined income.

We stand with all 50+ Americans who want a better America. Better for us. Better for our children. Better for our grandchildren.

$5 O'Gallon gas is coming. And AARP is silent.

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