Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Stop Environmental Radicals from Destroying America

The United States rests on rich deposits of minerals, gas, and oil that could meet our needs for generations to come. There's just one problem: radical environmentalists are doing everything they can to keep America and its workforce from picking up a shovel. These activists don't seem to care that tapping into our natural resources will get America working again – not to mention lower the cost of our consumer goods – and provide resources crucial to our national strategic interests. If only they'd get out of the way so we could develop them!

Radical environmentalists are standing in the way of tapping these crucial resources, and sadly, they do not stand-alone. Weak-kneed corporate executives are bowing to "greenmail" pressure tactics and joining with radical environmental groups to stop mining and drilling in America.

Earthwork's "No Dirty Gold" movement and Oceana's "Stop the Drill" campaign are partnering with companies like Tiffany & Co., Target, and Patagonia to lead the fight to block the mining and drilling of natural resources found beneath our home turf.

Until now, there has been no one to outwardly oppose these asinine movements. That's why Resourceful Earth is fighting back, and WE WANT YOUR HELP. [ www.ResourcefulEarth.org ]


The Resourceful Earth Team

P.S. Resourceful Earth is a project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Our mission is to promote access to natural resources and oppose special interests that abuse the regulatory process to lock up the raw materials of prosperity. We believe that human ingenuity, free markets, and secure property rights will continue to make natural resources more plentiful, affordable, and sustainable.



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