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Fav forum comments of the week - digg

Two for one Thursday:


leatherpancake reply to: 

".... pc25 - Submitter [ ] ...."



You are right. Statistically speaking, "newer" technologies such as digg are likely to be used by younger people, and younger people tend to be more liberal in their views. I don't even have to run a regression model to prove that.

You are a statistical minority on here man. Not because you are conservative, but because you are an idiot. [ ]


anomaly100 [ ]


OK, let's talk about this.

"While your side may suspect there may be a DP component at work on Digg, there is no verifiable proof that there is a DP component at work. Yet, you all keep making those accusations."

Your "side" never once admitted to their/your actions, but instead buried subs with comments such as, "DP marching orders. Bury with extreme prejudice."

What is that? I can comment about how cute a kitten picture is and it gets buried within a minute. But, thankfully my skin has thickened to the insults hurled my way. It used to bug me admittedly, but no more. Other things are more important in life which makes being called "Mackerel" "Smelly" "Fishy" and submissions on OldDogg on douche commercials (in my honor) seem so insignificant.

Your "Scandalous" comment was cute. I'm not going to be blackmailed by you people. I've seen your comments about parts of my life. So, I'll out myself because I won't be blackmailed.

So what - I was in a film a thousand years ago (and I must say, I don't think it was a great film, but hey, it paid). Who cares! I know what you people 'think' you know about me - I won't pretend (see what I did there?) otherwise and I've read the hints and jabs in comments by R.J. et al, but, damn dude, you want to vilify a woman because her husband died? Yes, he was in a band. Oh noes, a band! Again, who cares! MollyDog has called me a groupie, etc because he was in a band. Good to know; I should not have fallen in love with a musician because Molly thinks I'm a groupie -- for a marriage over **2 decades ago**. There, this is what you people have been hinting about for over a month.

***Now, all your info on me is....nothing, because I've stated right here.***

"Your side accuses the others who disagree with your side of having either DP connections, or of being DP members. When these accusations fly, any suspected DP member is buried and hounded, ruining their Digg experience."

Your "side" has MollyDog a digg user with close to 60 user names now all banned for abuse directed toward others, thus ruining the Digg experience. I have a screen shot of Molly admitting almost all of those accounts were his (except 5). But, your "side" defends him. I also have a screen shot of "Inactive" on OD stating he's had over 22 accounts.

This is my only account, just as Fender is your only account.

"On the same token, the case can be made that there is a Twitter Bury Brigade working on behalf of your side, which you all vehemently deny."!/search/DiggPatriots

We both know that Twitter is not an evil liberal Socialist Marxist concept. Hells, I can barely keep up with Digg, Twitter and blogging plus work everyday to be stalking your/their subs to bury them. True, I've buried a few of Bett's lately but only after she started leaving the "DUPE!" comments, so I'm happy to reciprocate.

Quirk says, "Did you tweet your flying monkeys?" She has issues. My Twitter account tweets posts from my blog. OK, if that makes me evil to promote my site, then hang me.

In addition, Bossm4n, Temlakos, Bett, and almost every single one of your buddies has a Twitter account. But, it's only acceptable if your 'side' uses Twitter. Can't I also "think" that your 'side" utilizes Twitter to give bury commands? But, I don't. (perhaps I'm naive?)

"will continue to throw it back into Novenator's face. He threatened to publish a follow-up DP expose' in an effort to silence his opposition."

Show me where Novenator has said he'll publish a follow-up please.

As far as extending the olive branch, Id like that. I thought I had several times to no avail. I began digging subs (Yes, even Bett's) from both perspectives, only to be treated like a malignant cancer. I wrote "Dugg" on one of the Bett's. Your 'side' piled in there saying, "Why'd you have to say "Dugg!" Again, who cares. It's water under the bridge.

I can not control who buries your comments. Digg is left leaning. It is what it is. What more can I do but to continue to digg Bossm4n's, Janinco's, a few of Quirk's, etc, subs and try to be civil.

Suggestions? Oh, and as far as the blackmail-ish comment, consider that forgiven.

I even forgive Quirk for her nasty comment regarding my mother just days after she died (a couple of weeks ago) - Hell, I'm a nice person. But, Quirk denied it of course.

My whole life story is right here. No more threats of outing my personal life from any of you.

Well, there is one threat I'd like to clear up. R.J. said in a comment recently that he has seen where I live. Interesting. Next time, have him knock on the door. I'm not the least bit afraid of him.

What more is it you want? I'd say I've extended that olive branch out pretty far during the last year.

Your turn.


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