Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Townhall.com Spotlight Warning - joke of the week - Bullion Will Now Be Illegal for ALL U.S. Residents

Gold & Silver BAN by Federal Government

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ALL Trading Outlawed After July 15, 2011

This is NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

This is NOW LAW!

Discover How the New Government Ban will affect all Financial Markets, the U.S. Dollar, ETF's, Stock Market, etc.

Read the New Amendments and Sections to the New Commodity ACT; which Prohibits certain Cash (check & wire) and Retail Gold & Silver Transactions, For ALL Consumers.

Discover What Government Officials and Agencies are Involved.

Plus, the Hidden Plot behind it.

This New Government BAN is NOT a "Bill", It is Now LAW!

Don't wait Until July 15th, Get the Facts Now!..

Click Here to Learn the Truth

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Bullion Will Now Be Illegal for ALL U.S. Residents

The Over the Counter (OTC) Bullion Market, will be Banned for ALL U.S. Residents and corporations as of July 15, 2011.

Many OTC Precious metal Dealers have already begun to Unwind their Bullion Retail businesses; including one of the world's largest, Forex.com

The New Law will initially Ban Tangible Bullion that is purchased or sold on Finance, Leverage, and Margin... for now!

Purchasing Gold & Silver and taking personal delivery or having it delivered to a Depository is Exempt from this New Ban... Thanks to GOLDWORTH FINANCIAL and other dealers, who were able to lobby Congress for this Exemption.

The Ban on Physical/Tangible Bullion trading is set forth by the Dodd-Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act, specifically section 742 and the newly amended section 2(C)(2)(D), dealing in Retail Commodity Transactions. As well as, section 2(C)(2)(E) of the Commodity Exchange Act, which refers to Spot Retail Transactions.

The New Law will NOT Regulate Spot/Cash Market Transactions, But rather make such Transactions Illegal!


Is it to Protect "Consumers" from Leverage, and Financed purchases of Gold & Silver?


There's certainly A Lot of "Consumers" Losing money with Bullion Dealers who sell metals on a Margin basis.

But!... Why not Regulate Bullion trading Firms, much like the Feds Regulate Series 3 Gold Commodity trading Firms?

If "Client" protection is their Goal...The Feds are NOT doing such a great job.

Statistics show as much as 92-96% of Clients Trading with "Regulated" Series 3 Commodity Brokers Lose their Money!... Futures & Options are High Leverage-High Margin positions.

So, could the Only reason be "Government Regulated" Precious Metal Brokers... Transact in "Paper" Gold? While... OTC-Dealers Transact in Real Gold Bullion?

We can only start connecting the dots.

We recently saw a Drop in Gold & Silver, Due to the highly Publicized Increase Margin requirements by the Comex-Mercantile Exchange.

The Exchange was "Encouraged" by a Government Agency, The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to Increase margin Numerous Times to keep "Volatility" Down.

Well, the Only Thing that was Brought Down was the price of Gold, specially Silver; which dropped from $50.00 to $32.00 per oz.

Now, ask yourself,

Was this Government Agency (CFTC) protecting "Consumers" from the Rising price of Gold & Silver?


Was this Agency Protecting what little value the U.S. Dollar has Against Gold & Silver?

The answer is obvious...

Consumers were NOT being hurt by the Rise in Gold & Silver.

The Only victim was the Value & Reputation of the "Paper" U.S. Dollar! (Gold trades Against the Dollar)

Nevertheless, The Government tactic worked!

The Margin Increase, Squeezed out Most small & mid size investors; leaving an Open Field for Large Institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

The Trillion Dollar Questions are...

Will the Government go after Your Physical Gold & Silver?
Does the Government want to Ban and make ALL Gold & Silver Bullion Illegal?
If the following is Any Indication of their Ultimate Plot...We should ALL be Afraid!

The CFTC (Gov. Agency) pushed Congress to Outlaw All Bullion that is NOT deliverable to Retail "Consumers" within 48 hours.

That would Shutdown 95% of All Retail Dealers.... Overnight!

No Matter how Large a Dealer maybe,... No Dealer sits on ENDLESS amounts of Inventory.

The Dealer would eventually have to Order Inventory from Mints such as U.S., Canada, Austria, South Africa or Directly through the Exchange. Nonetheless, delivery takes 3-14 days.

Which does NOT complete the process, the product would still need to be shipped to the Retail Investor...

A 48 Hour Delivery Mandate is Ultimately Impossible.

Ultimately, making ALL Bullion transactions Illegal by DEFAULT!

This is Exactly what CFTC (gov. agency) pushed for.

So, ask yourself...

Is the Frank-Dobbs reform and Consumer Protection Act,

about "Consumer Protection" Or Government Control?

History has taught us...

First comes Government control, then comes Government Ban/Confiscation!

Remember,...Who or "What" controls the Money, controls Everything!

Gold & Silver is Real Wealth, Real Protection.

Fellow Conservative,

The Obama administration will Not stop; they will use the CFTC or other Government agencies to push their Agenda!

Your Freedom & Time to Own Tangible Gold & Silver is Running Out!

Tangible Gold & Silver have been the Best Protection from Inflation and Economic Turmoil; Some Gold Categories have been Exempted from Past Government Bans/Confiscations.

Take the First Step toward Wealth Protection.

Educate Yourself...

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