Friday, June 17, 2011

Hate groups operating in the United States

Brief overview of the article:

"Many individuals, groups, organizations, institutes, and foundations are currently active in the United States which exist for the sole purpose of destroying the Constitutional laws and rights upon which honest Americans abide. Their motivations are many, consisting of a broad spectrum of destructive and tyrannical religious ideologies. There are no known secular hate groups in operation in the United States. (If you know of any, please let me know so that I can investigate the organizations and report on them.)

Of course we have all seen the media coverage of these hate groups:

....We continue to observe hatred and bigotry spouted from every fundamentalist Christian pulpit across the country. Bigotry against blacks, women, homosexuals, Mexicans, atheists, and even other brand names of Christianity are all favorite targets for these purveyors of hatred. Using the rhetoric of "Hate the sin, not the sinner," these people manage to convince themselves they can hate with justification. Using the rhetoric of," Jews were created out of mud" and "blacks are the result of Eve copulating with animals," these purveyors of hatred manage to convince themselves they can hate with justification -- all of it fully sanction by gods and the Christian mythologies, of course.

Every week brings news of domestic Christian terrorists murdering abortion providers, blowing up business, or assaulting women. One Christian terrorist organization last month even went so far as to plant two bombs timed apart for the specific purpose of killing rescue workers working to aid the victims of the first. (Review the so-called "Army of God" Christian organization.).. "

".....When humanists and secularists ask for honest Christians to take care of their religion's garbage and try to police their members, the ages-old cop-out is nearly always employed: "Oh but they're not TRUE Christians!" Thus the problem is relegated to "It's not our fault because it's not our problem."

The problem is that Christianity is fractured into thousands of brands, each of them ranging from the positive side of the spectrum to the most evil side of the spectrum. Every fraction pretends every other fraction aren't "TRUE Christians." Thus honest Christians honestly don't see the need to police groups they can't acknowledge are their responsibility.

The fact is that hatred and bigotry is everybody's business. Sadly the clean-up of religious bigots have been left to the secular community simply because the religious refuse to admit they have a problem and will rarely even acknowledge they exists...."

"....We all know the major players. Here is a list which will grow over the years. The list contains some of the major players as well as many of the hate groups which finance hatred and bigotry in the United States. As detailed information comes in concerning each, that information will be provided.

If you know of other like-minded organizations, please let me know so that I can check into them and include them in the list.....

[ see site for complete list: ]

American Spectator.

American Center for Law and Justice. This hate group is led by Marion "Pat" Robertson, one of the most hateful bigots we have in America.

America's Promise Ministries. This is a pretty rabid anti-Semetic group which wants to pretend that white people are the "chosen ones" of the gods instead of Jews.

Amway Corporation. Has extensive ties with the Council for National Policy and provides funds for a great many bigot causes.

Aryan Nations. One of the better known organizations whose official membership must profess a belief in the Christian gods. While they mostly focus on anti-Semitism, they also advocate the murder of homosexuals. Meeting places are usually always Christian churches. Traditional robes are still worn during some meetings yet the ritual robe has been pretty much replaced by the business suit.

Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ. One of the more notable hate groups seeking to replace the Constitution with a strange brand of theocracy.

Billy Falling, Christian Voters League. This hate master has ties to LifeLine and the Randal Terry terrorist.

Cathedral of the Pines. An organization that allows the free use of a beautiful forest setting for weddings -- unless you're a Wiccan or Pagan couple, that is. When this organization lifts their ban on life- affirming religions using the facilities, they'll be removed from this list.

Christian Association of PrimeTimers. This group targets senior citizens as their victims. It uses the money that retired people have or receive for their retirement to work toward destroying the Constitution and installing their brand of theocracy.

Chalcedon Foundation. This cult wishes to discard the Constitution and install themselves as the leaders of a theocracy.

Christian Coalition. Considered by most Christians and non-Christians to be an anti-Christian organization, ironically enough. This group is one of the largest organizations responsible for trying to get Creationism snuck into the public schools. Also works to implant state-sanctioned prayers to the Christian deities in the public schools. Works to deny a woman's right to choose abortion. Also works to finance religious schools through tax money. Headed by Ralph Reed, this organization has become ever more deadly over the years. Agenda includes the replacement of public schools with fundamentalist Christian schools paid for by tax dollars.

Concerned Women for America. A not-very-serious kind of organization which focuses on anti-abortion, anti-woman, and anti-homosexual rhetoric. Publishes a minor publication. Ironically the group is intended for women.

Council for Conservative Citizens. This group foments racism with special focus upon anti-Semitism.

Jack Chick Publications. This bizarre hate cult publishes comic books for their followers which are much like the comic books published by the Ku Klux Klan. The cult tries to make its followers believe that there is a world-wide conspiracy of "Satanists" and "witches" in America which kidnap, torture, murder, then eat around 300,000 babies. Since there is no evidence, law enforcement agencies are obviously involved in the conspiracy. This cult hates Pagans and Wiccans most of all.

Jerry Falwell. This hate leader seeks to disband the Constitution and install theocracy of his own creation. Violently anti-woman as well as homophobic. Falwell has allegedly paid out millions of dollars to keep the families of children he's raped from proceeding with legal charges.

Operation Rescue. A domestic terrorist organization responsible for the murder of a large number of abortion providers. Headed by cult leader Randal Terry. The organization preaches hatred and ignorance and the submission of females to their male masters. The cult's leadership advocates the abolishment of the Constitution and the removal of women from the work force. The cult has recently started to jump onto the homophobic bandwagon as a means of increasing their revenues. Though Terry still runs this hate group, the leaders have put one Jeff White up as puppet leader controlled by Terry. This hate group generates organizations daily -- an example being `Operation Restore Liberty.' Many other hate mongers work for the group including criminals such as Rev. Flip Benham.

Promise Keepers. Anti-woman, anti-homosexual hate groups which meet in football and baseball stadiums. The rhetoric employed is that the Christian gods sanction the violent "taking back" of male's dominion over women -- all for the little woman's own good, of course.

The Army of God. Much like Operation Rescue only this one takes responsibility for their terrorist activities. This Christian group claims the responsibility for several abortion clinic bombing, including the now-infamous double-bombing specifically intended to murder the rescue workers aiding victims in the first blast.

Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas. Rev. Fred Phelps. This is one of the most rabid homophobic groups in operation around the United States. This particular group is so evil as to actually "picket" funerals for homosexuals, turning them into fist-fights and riots. Though The Skeptic Tank has additional information on this hate group in the archives, Schartz Patrick provided a good summation: "They picket churches, schools, businesses, funerals against homosexuality. Everyone who does not believe in their ways of thinking is a homosexual or a Jezebelian whore. According to Phelps' group, Bob Dole is a fag; Washburn University is a institution headed by fags; and local churches have nothing but homosexual preachers. According to one Phelps follower that I encountered a few years ago, the priest at my Catholic church was a 'faggot.'"......