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De-brick a Xoom :-) or unroot for 3.1 update - brought to you by the words..


Tonights blog post is brought to you by the words:





Alt. instructions: Android Central

Original Root Steps - XDA Dev. (do not perform until this is updated for 3.1)

Alt. Rooting - 3.1 (search XDA Dev)



have device connected to AC charger while performing the following tasks.

I assume if you are reading this you already know how to root the Xoom [devices] and have the required OS flash utilities, etc on hand.

You will loose ALL data on the device, backup first if you still can !

This will reset to the factory (shipped OS version)

Android 3.1 update will download and prompt for install once the device is reset and rebooted


I will be posting 3.1 root instructions later, once I have time to review the src code, any restrictions (google/android devs) and have time to research alt solutions.

* Updated: 2:35 am May 24 2011: Several 3.1 Rooting solutions added (scroll to the end)



ONLY YOU and YOU alone are responsible for any damage, further damage or completely bricking the device beyond (easy) repair. I have performed the following steps on the Xoom WiFi only US device, with ease and success several times. If you are unsure, please visit the manufacturer site ( ) and/or search google ( )


Download stock OS from MotoDev website. (3g or wifi only img's)

Extract into the folder with fastboot on your PC ( *.img files )

For example:

FOLDER: c:\xoom   (or SDK folder, depending on how you rooted)
    - fastboot.exe
    - adb.exe
        - boot.img
        - system.img
        - recovery.img
        - userdata.img

Plug in device via micro usb to the PC ( with adb and fastboot installed )

Note: Enable USB debug mode: Settings - Applications - Development - USB Debugging [ debug mode ] ON

Press at the same time: POWER BUTTON and the DOWN VOL to enter fastboot on the Xoom


With the img's in the same path as fastboot (fastboot.exe win32)

Open command prompt (fastboot dir)

Type each of the following commands on the PC and follow instructions.


Skip, if you are not prompted to UNLOCK

fastboot oem unlock

(if it happens to be locked)

DOWN Vol to select YES - ACCEPT terms, UP Vol to CONTINUE/OK


fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash system system.img

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

fastboot erase cache

fastboot oem lock

DOWN Vol to select YES - ACCEPT terms, UP Vol to CONTINUE/OK


Device will reboot


If you know how to reach me online I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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