Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIN A XOOM ON TWITTER - Android and Me

To be entered to win our first XOOM, all you’ve gotta do is craft a tweet with two key pieces: the hashtag #iwantaxoom and the Twitter handle @NVIDIAtegra. For example, you could tweet,

Man! #iwantaxoom with the @NVIDIAtegra 2 for the awesome games.

Or you could say

I’m a nerd so #iwantaxoom with an @NVIDIAtegra to do homework. And to adjust my glasses with the front facing camera.

The key to remember here is to include #iwantaxoom and @NVIDIAtegra. If you do so, you’ll be automatically entered in a random drawing, to be held Monday morning (5/1/11) for a free, brand-spankin’ new WiFi-only XOOM. You can use the tweetbox below or you can tweet to your heart’s content through your own apps/channels, just make sure to include the key phrases. Good luck!