Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winner - DIGG Troll Comments of the Week

Winner - Troll Comment of the Week


All ACORN did, aside from abet under age sex slavery and help pimps commit tax fraud, was bus the bedrock of the Democrat party to the polls. In my mind giving happy meals, gin money, and fist fuls of Newports to the drunks, mental defectives, and felons in order to purchase their vote isn't a public service,

--- Misu Forum Babble

@phoenixtx BrycePainter

"...been caught stealing personal emails and breaking over 100 peoples right to privacy...." -- phoenixtx

Just curious, I've skimmed several threads and read various posts elsewhere...there seems to be a claim here of illegal or criminal activity. I'm assuming you have a solid case ? if so, would you mind answering the following ?

1) have formal criminal charges been made ? or been discharged/dismissed ?

1a) if so, what is the current status of said charges ?

2) what are the [detailed] charges ?

3) filed in: police dept. + phone - court name, city, state, zip, phone and pending docket number if available.

4) filed complaints elsewhere ? ( 1 - 3 if applicable )

I'm interested in reviewing/following the case.


"Do you not have the balls to respond? Man up punk. Time is subjective. We here for the long haul you candy ass.....Give us a response you puss. Come on boy. Show some of that cold dead liberal heart that you cling to." -- phoenixtx

As for the above comment - disgraceful - you said it so don't bark back...

Prime example of poor parenting and/or failure in the educational system.

This database documents the Digg Patriots, a covert ultra-conservative effort to suppress liberal views and promote extremist right-wing propaganda on the social news site Digg.



"You're an idiot. pretentious drooling idiot. Why don't your friends help you out and tell you these things / I'm sorry. I didn't think. you don't have any friends do you ?" -- BrycePainter

Now, lets see wittle-one, so far I have reviewed spew after spew of BS, outright lies, unjustified slander, childish commenting, rude and careless commenting...I can go on if you like, by you and a few others. During this time I have been respectful in an debatable tone, seeking answers to your accusations, point of view and/or at least break you away from one-line-zingers of hate and ignorance, long enough to obtain something useful. I have yet to use derogatory names or as you seem to do - just about ever thread, bully others - shameful. I find your response to be of the lowest standard, thus a disgrace. People engage in conversation [debate] on digg, we do not always agree with each other, but overall we show game a service in order to silence is pathetic to say the least, and let me explain why: it shows a complete lack of intellect, can't defend a stance/point of next best thing is to make respectable users miserable and/or spam decent threads..that getting the msg out responsibly. Now resort to lack of friend slander ? really ? pull that diaper out of your crack wittle-one and grow up.... But to answer your pointless question, I'm an Adult and we adults don't really have "friend status" or "friend ratings", we have friends, co-workers, employee's, etc... though I have to admit between running a successful business, various side projects, I really don't have time for any.......but I do understand for some like yourself it is important. Far as Digg or other forums go, I have conversations/debates from time to time..but overall I don't make friends, if I do fine, granted I have been active in forum/chat dating back to BBS and early IRC (when there were only three main servers, and 900 baud modems )..over the years my contact list has grown, but again not something I measure or rate. I asked you a question in regard to criminal charges based on this: before the other day [this thread] I really haven't noticed the DP pest [past] problem or probably just didn't care. So after reviewing conversations, news reports, youtube vids, asking a few admins about it, etc....I noticed that you and a few others keep on and on and on about what appears to be or sounds like criminal behavior accusations, directed at several decent-respectful digg users, of course you guys are not'll be jerks to anyone in opposition. I'm [ I was ] interested in and assume charges have [had] been submitted..otherwise I can not understand the "festering of babble". I do wish you best of luck and hopefully whatever is really eating at you deep inside, that low self-esteem will work itself out as you mature..I out grew many bad habits and counterproductive views myself.
Calling me an "Idiot" ? I'll not dignify that with an response....other than, care to compare my degree(s) [plural] to yours ?

Look, in all sincerity, get some anger management therapy and truly best of luck in the real world......

-- best regards


I want Nancy to know I'm praying. Yes Nancy, I'm praying.
We're all living the nightmare of Obama. Obamacare is just one part. Barry's doing OK. He and Michelle and the kids just love South America and may even go back someday if they can get the taxpayers to foot the bill.

....anger & hate speech is ignorance and ignorance can be cured...

....and friends: