Friday, March 25, 2011

Hateful and incendiary politics - social media and news

Note: research: not intended to offend anyone "by making available".

Hateful and Incendiary Politics - social media and news

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General thread point of view: "civility" from the Left again."

Hate speech, derogatory comments, etc - a two way street

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Olddogg and townhall related ( you are welcome for any boost in traffic )

"**ck you"
**ck you
"**ck you"
"religious right"

Fox Related (search keywords not censored, click at own discretion -

hate speech



religious right

General keyword search results (not censored, click at own discretion)

"**gger president"

**gger president

"libtards **ck you"

"god hates *ags"

"god hates liberals"

"religious right"

"right wing hate"

"beck hate speech"

"fox news hate speech"

worst conservative hate groups

Websites with Oppressive or Right-wing Agendas That Undermine Democracy & Diversity