Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comment troll of the week - digg - on Atheists

hcharger 6 hr 34 min ago

Atheists are the lowest form of humanity on this planet because they do not have a spiritual conscience to protect them even from themselves.
Most people who approve war are atheists. Most serial murderers are atheists. Most corporate businessmen who practice cheating millions from unsuspecting souls are atheist
When you practice atheism, you can commit anything imoral as an atheist has no concept of right and wrong. An atheist has a vision of hope within this lifetime only. A mere lifetime of a human is not the normal insight that all humans are created with. An atheist will destroy all concepts of God because in his/her fraile mind they beleve that there will be no accountability if they stay ignorant within the borders of divine standards.
Atheists are well educated, (as a rule) but their wisdom makes their knowledge foolish as they depend on theories that are fabricated in their imagination.
An atheist believes homosexuality is normal....ha ha ha ha! Atheists in all sense of the word can be categorized as sick, just as this system of things becomes more sick and corrupt with each passing year.
Thank goodness for obedient humans who see the positive effect that divine submission brings and thank goodness also that the God who created the heavens and the earth wll remove this corrupt system from the earth.
Good ridance homos, adios atheists, it hasn't been fun knowing you.
Now for the on-slaunght of defence from the lowlifes...take it away twinnies.