Sunday, December 05, 2010

UFO in them there hills

UFO in them there hills

I remember extremely well a mountain hiking/camping trip ( emphasis on 'trip' ) and UFO experience, back in the late 80's-early-90's. Group of us climbed to the highest point we could and set camp, on that clear, cool night you could, so to speak, see ocean to ocean. A little before sun set we were starting to see and hear things very clearly...about that time, the radio went fuzzy..then....WOOSHhhhh..from behind...a shadow briefly covered the ground, followed by a big gust of wind nearly knocking us over the cliff, tree's and brush bending to the ground. A few minutes later.....WOOSHhhhh......this time a slight light trail shot forward, repeating a few more times.

..insert appropriate WTFfFfF enlightened chit-chat here...

Little later just after sun set, we were staring out over the valley gorge...noticed the tree's were folding over and a darkish blob was moving fast toward us, then a semi-loud crackle...WoooSHhhhhhh...high-pitch boom. Then an extremely close up underbelly view of what was later to be known as the B-2 Spirit. A few more passed over head and that night we became treehuggers..waiting..and semi-ready..but unfortunately no more UFO's :-(

So kids, trip safe, don't be ashamed to hug a tree, pack extra undies and camp near and/or between military flight test sites when possible..the experience is WOW!